An Ancient Decapitation, Great Flood, & Greek Double Standards

This week on History Around the Web: a U.K. library experienced some wrath of nature and Twitter Historians were as hilarious about it as you’d expect, Pompeii continues to surprise with some well-preserved macabre, and more!

New excavations at Pompeii uncovered evidence of a gruesome death by a poor victim who was crushed by a stone while trying to escape the destruction following the eruption of Vesuvius. If you were ever wondering what would have happened to Indiana Jones if he hadn’t managed to dodge that bolder, well, uh, you have your visual.

AskHistorians Odysseus

Odysseus has sex with several women (Hecuba, Circe, Calypso) but Penelope remains loyal to his husband. Odysseus’ infidelity is not chastised in the story, so how commonplace was this ideology of sex in ancient Greece? Were men expected to be monogamous? from r/AskHistorians

AskHistorians, the super strict and super history sub on Reddit, has a trending conversation regarding the perceived double-standards and value of monogamy in Homer’s Odyssey while also looking at cultural standards for sexuality in Ancient Greece. Can we make this a staple topic when covering the Odyssey in curriculum? Think of how many people would pay attention!

Archaeology report confirms no evidence of Norse presence at Point Rosee in southwestern Newfoundland | The Telegram

Despite all the initial hype and the hope of it being a tourism boon for southwestern Newfoundland, there is no evidence the Norse once occupied Point Rosee. An archaeological team, led by renowned American archaeologist Sarah Parcak, spent parts of the summers of 2015 and 2016 investigating the small point of land jutting out from the Codroy Valley into the Gulf of St.

Well, this is embarrassing. It’s a bummer when speculation and theories by archaeologists end up leading no where, especially after years of work. In this case, Parcak was hoping to uncover evidence of a Norse settlement at Point Rosee but fell a bit short of expectations. Initial topographical satellite imagery produced some anomalies that might have suggested a possible Norse footprint, with further digging uncovering possible evidence of longhouses and a hearth. The hype machine started rolling immediately, with Parcak and PBS airing a documentary in confidence and other articles buzzing up the potential of new Norse findings. Unfortunately, no confirmation of a Norse settlement has been found at the site.

Italy’s oldest olive oil discovered in peculiar pot

CASTELLUCCIO, ITALY- (May 30, 2018)- Olive oil is a staple of Italian cuisine. It’s been that way for thousands of years. And new chemical analysis conducted on ancient pottery proves the liquid gold has existed in Italy hundreds of years longer than what anthropologists have previously recorded.

Olive oil’s history as the lifeblood of all Italians has been officially pushed back a bit further than previously known. Speaking of outlandish archaeological theories, I’m still waiting on confirmation on whether or not olive oil literally runs in my veins.

Is This Inscribed Stone a Notorious Forgery-or the Answer to America’s Oldest Mystery?

This is a follow-up to a story that appears in the June 2018 issue ofNational Geographic magazine. On a fall morning in 1937, an Emory University geologist was walking down a hallway in the alumni building when he bumped into a middle-aged man carrying a rock.

The Lost Colony at Roanoke is one of the few enduring mysteries of North America. Established in the 16th century as an English settlement in North Carolina, 100+ colonists supposedly vanished, the colony found abandoned. Archaeological evidence has yet to provide conclusive evidence on what the hell might have happened– some speculate that the colonists integrated themselves into Native American tribes or something a little less ‘consensual’, had a violent brush with the Spanish, or simply moved. One of the other theories resides with these stones which supposedly detail the gruesome fate of the colonists. Question still is, are these even real?!

Check out this hilarious Twitter Thread about the unfortunate leak that happened over at IHR in London this week. The humor was not lost on anyone!

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