Day 1/2 in France

I’m already making good on my promise to upload daily despite the fact that I’ve really done nothing worth mentioning aside from whine insessantly about my 24+ hours awake sleep-deprived bones. 

Today was a travel day.

We arrived in Paris at 8:35am after a restless 8-hour flight where neither of us had been able to sleep but not for lack of trying–I tried putting myself to sleep with an in-flight movie of X-Men Apocalypse (I lasted only 15 minutes and I don’t mean wakefulness). When we landed, we were immediately ushered into a customs check line that lasted a good 2 hours which is unsurprising given the recent unfortunate events in France. By the time we obtained our rental car–an Italian car stuck on Russian for the GPS because why not–it was around 12:30pm and we were DYING.

We spent the next few hours marveling at the plentiful graffiti EVERYWHERE, realizing it was apparently the norm for male drivers to just randomly pull over and urinate visibly on the road, and get horribly lost in a picturesque yet run down commune in France. Also, French drivers are worse than Chicago ones.

While I didn’t do much on a day where all I’ve wanted to do is nap it away, I’ll leave you with ducks. FRENCH speaking ducks:

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