Histastrophe in…Europe?!


I’ve made a lot of empty promises on this blog. Any where from UNESCO World Site features, to Myths and Folklores, or to updating regularly (Hah….*cries*). But here is one I can absolutely, with no misplaced delusion the level of Commodus, assure you is actually for real happening.

I am going to Europe.

France, Spain, and Italy to be exact. For 3 weeks starting TODAY.

While there, I will be updating my long dormant History blog daily (as the international wifi allows for) with my adventures. Knowing me and my profound nerddom, you can count on some historical site coverage such as Versailles, Pompeii, and if I manage to win a few tussles, the Sfroza fortress among other things. Naturally, there will probably be Instragram photos of food because I’m one of those shamelessly awful people who delights in filtered pictures of mashed potatoes and I’d also love to chronicle my journey in uncovering my family’s history and meeting, for the first time, our local Italian relatives.

So if you were already here for my History musings, there will be plenty of that to come SERIOUSLY this time. And if you’re a dear friend curious to read about my travels, please follow along! I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

Arrivedercri and I’ll see you all in a different timezone!


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