Day 12 in Italia! 🇮🇹

After Pompeii, we decided to find a new hotel to stay in since our last one was the worst of the worst. We plugged in our GPS for a random hotel that we were lucky enough to have led us to…Sorrento off the Amalfi Coast!

This place is GORGEOUS! We splurged on a nice hotel with a sea view because we deserved this after the cardboard mattresses we slept on and the possible (we think) fleas we slept with. There was a pretty nice resturaurant across the street with beach access, so we sat down for a nice meal:

Prosciutto e Melone

Linguine with Lobster


Near the end of our meal, however, I received a text from my mother: “Are you okay???” That’s odd. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” I answered back. 

Well, as most of the world knows, there were two new earthquakes that shook up central Italy. Thankfully, as of the time of writing, there had been no fatalities. It sounded like Rome was shook pretty well from the tremors, and so we decided to postpone our plans until the very last day of our trip and to keep heading south since we feared further aftershocks. We didn’t feel any tremors in Sorrento, but after checking in with our family in Bologna they told us that not only did they feel it, but they were suffering from nausea and vomiting as a result. As Americans who live in central United States, earthquakes aren’t something we’ve ever experienced. The worst we have to deal with is tornadoes and snow storms. Our family reassured us that in Italy, everyone is used to earthquakes and it is simply a fact of life here. 

Still, we decided to extend our stay on the Amalfi coast for another night.

But when it rains it pours, and I mean that literally. The entire extra day in Sorrento was rain, rain, and RAIN! Oh well. We’ll have plenty of beach time in Cosenza.

I gave the ol’ Italian pizza another go and found it even BETTER in Sorrento:

Pizza Carbonara

Next we start the road trip to Cosenza for the week!