Day 10-11 in Italia! 🇮🇹

This is another combined post because holy Romans did it take us forever to get to Naples yesterday (and there may have been crying and getting lost involved). 

Before we left, however, we were able to squeeze in some time to visit the good ol’ Leaning Tower of Pisa which I refused to do a glorified selfie with.

We were in too much of a rush to tour it or pay for tickets, but I can tell you from my basic knowledge that the reason the silly thing tilts is because it was built on a soft foundation and took nearly 200 years to complete because of money and wars and stuff. The titling began during construction and everyone must have just shrugged and kept going because what the hell, right?

Once we eventually made it to Naples–persons and car intact in what was an excruciating 6 1/2 hour drive which really didn’t seem all that bad before, we sat down and had some sorta authentic pizza from a restaurant we just happened across.

Personally, I’ve had better. I blame the restaurant choice and not Napoli though. Adding this to the list to take more seriously when I inevitably come back one day. 

This morning, we began with one of our most important visits–to Pompeii. It was destroyed in 79 AD by the looming asshole Mt. Vesuvius shown below:

Not at all sorry


Aside from being known for a shitty movie starring Jon Snow, the archaeological site is famous for being one of the best preserved remains of a Roman city thanks in part to the blanket of ash that kept it nice and cosy for more than a thousand years–safe from invasions, Vandals, and dirty Modern folk like us building things on top of it.

Here are all of the really cool things we saw:

Roman bath houses–unfortunately closed. In a usual display of Roman humor, it’s known for erotic paintings

Temple of Apollo (NOT Creed)


Roman Amphitheater

Penis graffiti because Pompeii is as immature as I am

Crypt in the Necropolis