The Ourcast Podcast

If you want more from me and my delightful take on things, check out Ourcast on Podbean:

Recorded with my good buddy Non-Washable Gamer, we cover everything from video games, movies, and various creative pursuits! I also discuss some of my adventures in research on this blog and even go over topics I never published!

As of 4/9/18: We’re going week-to-week, baby!

Quick Access:

Episode 1: Introducing SoapBubbles and Non-Washable!

Episode 2: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Episode 3: One Year Later, We’re Back!

Episode 4: Back in the Groovier

Episode 5: The Road to Tomb Raider

Episode 6: Mona Lisa Smiled

Episode 7: James Cameron and D&D

Episode 8: Avengers: Infinity War!

Episode 9: Cliffy B, History, and D&D

Episode 10: Phantom Menace and a Little Whiplash