The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms

(History Notes!)

I'd wear it.

I’d wear it.

(England; c. 450-1056AD)

Angles, Saxons, and Jutes; modern identity of England comes from belief of these descendants.

A) Adventus Saxonum- Arrival of the Saxons

B) The “Heptarchy” (8 kingdoms) and The Bretwaldas

  • Kent, Mercia, and Northumbria
  • Had a period there where king had authority over England
  • Buttt for the most part….fighting.

C) Offa = badass.

Cerdic begets Cynegils who begets like 6 other children but the 5th in line is all “Fsck you, I should be king!” /monarchy

D) Capitals and Wics

  • Kings live in cities, a capital.
  • Have them Bishops under control, ya’ll.
  • WICS: Trading Emporia. Good trading posts, international.

-Didn’t have bishop, not steady urban population.

-Self governing.

E) 597AD, Gregory I’s mission to cure the heathens. Anglos need to be converted to Christianity!

  • Sends monk Augustine to convert. (Rome)
  • Talks to King of Kent to establish church.

-Kent converts, orders people to convert to his church.

  • ???? PROFIT!

-Gregory I: “Congrats! You’re bishop of the English church now!”

-Augustine: “What the hell do I do now?”

  • !! Bishop of England answers to bishop of Rome!

-POPE! (The origin of idea)

F) Ireland: Converted under St. Patrick.

  • Fawk the Pope, what is that noise.
  • Interest in converting.

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